A violonist and composer, YARDANI TORRES MAIANI was born in

Andalusia in 1988. He began his music studies on the Costa del Sol,

continuing them at the music conservatory in Malaga, and later lived in

that French hot spot of Gypsy music, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. After

graduating from the conservatory in Avignon, he studied at the Lausanne

HEMU (Haute Ecole de Musique), where he earned his bachelor’s

degree. He studied violin with Marie-Annick Nicolas at the Geneva

Conservatory, graduating with a Master of Arts degree in music

performance in 2011. That same year, he garnered the Henryk Szeryng

Foundation Career Award. A self-avowed ‘traveller across musical

genres’, he has since appeared at the Festival de Paris, the Avignon

Festival, the Flâneries Musicales de Reims, and the Colmar International


While being acknowledged as one of the leading musicians of the younger

generation of French virtuoso players, Yardani Torres Maiani is not

merely a brilliant soloist. An inquisitive musician, never ceasing to look

ahead, he writes music and seeks new ways to deploy his instrument with

a passion no less urgent than his desire to explore the finest pages of

Bach, Paganini, Enesco, or Piazzolla. This distinctive trait may stem from

a rich and diverse family heritage, comprising flamenco and classical

music : a wealth of influences that crystallize in his work as a composer

and arranger. The lyrical verve of his compositions, with their airy and

ecstatic ambiance, reveals his signature style, in which a hint of flamenco

is merely pretence, a way to set the stage for genuine musical discoveries